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Cell Phone Dangers

George Carlo, PhD, JD Former Chairman of the CTIA Wireless Technology Research Program (WTR)

"Are cell phones safe?"

Here are certain signs or symptoms that alert a person to the harmful effects of Electro Magnetic Waves (EMF). Among them are:

* Confusion/Disorientation * Headaches
* Cancer/Tumors * Fertility Impairment
* Eye Diseases * Brittle Diabetes
* Autoimmunity * Skin Wrinkling
* Skin itch/rash * Sleeping Disorders
* Skin flushing/burning/tingling * Hormonal Imbalance

One by one alarming signs appeared in Dr. Carlo's research: that cell phones interfere with heart pacemakers; that the developing skulls of children are penetrated deeply by the energy emitted from a cell phone; that the blood brain barrier, which prevents invasion of the brain by toxins, can be compromised by cell phone radiation; and most startlingly, that radio frequency radiation creates micronuclei in human blood cells, a type of genetic damage known to be a diagnostic marker for cancer. 

In addition, the effects which go unnoticed, that may have already caused considerable damage are: 

1. Blood-brain barrier damage. The brain has a covering which prevents bacteria and other harmful organisms from traveling from the body to the brain. The reason for this has to do with the fact that the brain has no other way to defend itself against bacterial or viral infections, as the body does. Radiation from cell phones damages the blood brain barrier, thus making individuals more susceptible to disease.

2. Micronuclei breaks in the DNA. This is a marker of cancer in the scientific world.  In other words, the DNA, from which new cells are constantly made in the body, becomes damaged due to microwave radiation. 

* Poor Concentration * Memory Loss
* Seizures * Dizziness
* Paralysis * Panic Attacks
* Autoimmunity * Ear Disorders
* Impaired Learning * Fatigue/Weakness
* Behavioral Changes * Chest Pain/Heart Problems
* Nausea * Feeling a Vibration

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